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Jessa is a Structural Integrator in the Rolf Method. She began her studies in 2001 under the guidance of Advanced Certified Rolfer, Marcelo Countinho and did her certification at the Guild for Structural Integration in Boulder, Colorado.

Since 2002 Jessa has been studying anatomy, muscle harmony and postural asssessment with neuro-muscular movement specialist Irene Dowd. Her understanding of the body has been profoundly informed by her cadaver studies.   

Jessa has been a yoga teacher specializing in its therapeutic application since 2000.  Her movement background and knowledge of biomechanics greatly informs her Structural Integration practice.     She works with clients of all ages who seek out Structural Integration for a wide variety of concerns from chronic pain to improved athletic performance to interest in the 10-series as a tool for personal growth.

What brought Jessa to the Rolf Method of Structural Integration?

At the age of two I broke my tibia and although I was lucky that my leg grew at an appropriate rate this early break at the time I was learning to walk set me up for a series of structural misalignments.   I then re-broke that leg again at 10 ice skating.  I was lucky that these early injuries did not keep me from being active.   I grew up playing sports and by the time I was 18 I had collected a lengthy list of injuries.    Without being completely aware of it I was living with chronic low-level pain.  At least once a week I would awake with neck pain and lost range of motion.   I was unable to participate in the activities that I grew up doing and that had become an essential part of who I was.   I turned to Yoga as a means of rehabilitating myself, which helped alleviate some of my symptoms but I could never quite undo my real alignment issues. Finally in my early 20's my body had just had enough.   I was running an antique store in Soho at the time lifting and moving things daily when my back went out on me.   After trying for a year to manage the pain through traditional means I turned to Rolfing.   After three sessions I was out of pain, standing taller and with more range of motion.    It made me realize how much of my energy had gone towards just managing my pain.   

 What was even more profound for me and what ultimately informed my pursuing Dr. Rolf's work as a career, was how deeply quieting and settling I found the work to be.  

 Finding balance after a lifetime of structural dysfunction proved to be a powerful vehicle for personal change. I finished my first tri-atholon in 2005 finishing 12th in my age group.