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If you are interested in Rolfing, I generally recommend that you try between 1 and 3 sessions to determine if it is of benefit to you. It is perfectly acceptable to try 1 to 3 sessions without continuing on in the ten series. However, after the 4th session I ask people commit to the series. At this stage the body is opening at a deeper level and it is in your best interest to continue through to the 10th session in order to gain the balance and integration that is achieved in the series.

When you show up for your first session, you fill out a confidential health questionnaire in which you disclose your health history, as well as your motivation for seeking out Rolfing. Together we will discuss your goals and I will answer any questions you may have. I will then evaluate your structure visually by asking you to stand and walk wearing either your underwear, or if you are more comfortable, a tank and gym shorts, so that I can assess your patterns of holding and compensation. Following this evaluation we will begin the hands on portion of the work. Rolfing is more interactive than massage, so in the session I will occasionally ask you to move or breath in a certain way to maximize the benefit of the work I may also ask you to stand or walk during the session, so that I can evaluate the benefit an intervention has made. Sessions may also include some movement exercises or “home-play” — things to play with and think about through the week.

Sessions cost $175 and usually are 60 minutes in duration, although they sometimes run closer to 90 minutes depending upon your needs in each session.